Photo-Collages, 2015-2016


Fillmore Fillmore 2 McKinley Chester Taft Teddy Lifeboat Alte Frau Misfit Jackson Taylor Van Buren Elephant Giant Loves Me Braless Ways Power Of Mars Millenial Outreach Love And Kindness Suspicion Future Is Female Considering It On An Island Dial H Lets Make Love I Believe Listening Tour What Little Girls Are Made Of Woman Card Slim Carter Sublime Abjection Vienna Eat Your Oatmeal She's Coming Manhattan Hillary Odyssey #ImWithTheWhore #ImWithHer Mx Hill Little Edie Silent Summit #pierreetgilles Revelations Kitchen Sink Fuck You Iowa Drive (Lucky) Final Shoot Out Piano Scene Johnny Guitar Left By Reason Fair Is Foul Hallmark St Sebastien Ben Hur Tarzan She Wore Red Permanent Reason Yoga Is Hard Exit


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