Sarah Sole is best known for her iconic paintings of Hillary Clinton. Drawing from subjects as varied as Marilyn Monroe, Martin Van Buren, and Hamlet, Sole has produced nearly sixty paintings of her favorite protagonist. In her compositions, Hillary is construed as an amalgamation of characters, often dissonant, using imagery that mixes past with present, public with private, and masculine with feminine. Sole’s indefatigable focus on Hillary ultimately questions our assumptions about who occupies our attention and who is to be considered and analyzed. She calls her practice “tending to Hillary” by which she means “like a PhD candidate fifty years from now who streams all of her foreign policy speeches, press conferences, rallies, etc. Someone whose only agenda is to understand.” Through her work, Sole patches together a kaleidoscope of Hillary, giving us a discursive means of glimpsing the aspects of her in us and us in the woman who has occupied a space in the political imaginary for the last twenty-five years.

Sole currently lives and works in Berlin. She can be reached at sarah(at)

Pic Nov6Foto: Jutta Schein